Gamification is marketing

I’m a fan of introducing creativity and fun in day-to-day workplace and life. The two entries I wrote about game elements for solving problems in organizations by roleplay and digital games. During the last months a lot is beeing written on a (at least to me) new hype-word “Gamification”. This is the hype-part where marketing creates simple collect-awards and points games, no curve or strategy, no story, no creativity. It’s the same scheme where you have kids collect trade-cards/items from supermarkets, but even cheaper to create online.
I hope the term blows over quickly and does not damage the potential “fun” can have in the workplace. Remember “flair” from the movie “Office Space”? Gamification = “flair”. A motivated group can accomplish more and fun is a strong motivator, but you do need to keep some perspective. Here are a few links which triggered me: and

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